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[madoka] back

mousey_sama in chuucon

!! Requests !!

Request Status: CLOSED

I take requests for icons only, as I'm awful with banners and bigger graphic works. XD However, that's about your only limitation: I will do manga coloring, will do x-rated images (yaoi, hentai, yuri, and so on), will do (gasp) real-life subjects, etc.

To request, comment on this post and fill out the following form:

LJ Username:
Link to image:
--> For "Details," please include specific colors, effects, text, etc. that you'd like on your icon. This is optional, as you don't have to give me specifics if you have none!

The maximum amount that I will do at one time is 2 icons. Fill out the form twice, but please do post them both in the same comment if you're submitting them at the same time. (I'm flexible, I SWEAR.) I will reply to your comment with the finished product. ^^


LJ Username: Kearin
Link to image: here
Details: I have none. =O Go wild~ <3333

(And grats on winning third at So Magical~!!!)
Thanks! I struggled with this one, because I couldn't find a good texture for it, BUT HEY whatevz. Feel free to request again if they suck (or even if they don't because I'm pretty bored lately), but here's what I came up with!

Thankies again~! I love them both. =3

LJ Username: Rahenna
Link to image: WOO! <- the stupid pink haired girl plz
Details: I would LOVE it if this said OMG YAY on it. Feel free to make it as cracktacular as you want, this girl is a moron. ^^b

LJ Username: Rahenna
Link to image: page <- the slime at the bottom with the -o- face
Details: Can it say "puni puni" somewhere? Other than that, go wild!
LJ Username: kasumi14
Link to image: A combination between this and this, or from this. Fuwa x Kyouko please! :D
Details: Anything is okay!

Thank you in advance! :D