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[ironmouse] devious chuu

mousey_sama in chuucon

60 icons :D

A post loooong in the making! Some (not all!) of these icons are color variations on the same image.

23; Ayumi Hakasaki
14; Skip-Beat!
07; Kobato.
07; Pokemon
04; Lady GaGa
02; Naruto
02; Sailor Moon
01; Beauty & the Beast



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# B&tB 1 placed third in So Magical's December icontest

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You know that I crazy love your sailor moon entry for Moonlight Legends right??? x_x
It was my vote for the month~
Grabbing it to use. =D
Aww, thanks! I found that cap and was absolutely DETERMINED to do something with it, even though it took hours LOL. :p
I don't have any icon space at the moment, but I wanted to let you know that I love your Skip Beat #12 . I've saved them for future usage, once I get tired of my current set. (Or I get the money to upgrade my account, either or...)
Thank you! :D Mouko is such a cool beauty, and there aren't a lot of icons out there of her (sadly), so I love making them of her. Same goes for most of the "not Ren and Kyouko" cast, ha.

And yeah, I definitely don't miss the pain-in-the-neck-ery of icon limitations. x_x
Kanae/Kyoko is my freakin' Skip Beat! OTP. XDDD~
They are great, no? Expect more of them, since they're probably my #2 SB! OTP. XD
Oh, yeah? Which is your #1?
Shou/Kyouko. *is shot* XD Honestly, I started shipping them just because I felt bad for the pairing (and Shou too) because they get bashed so much, and they grew on me over time.
Aww. I can understand that, but I avoid that pair because I can't forgive Sho for what he did to Kyoko. ._. I know they were childhood friends, but I'm still early in the manga (only on volume ten). Maybe I'll change my opinion when I read more, only time will tell. I admit they were cute when they were little.
Yeah, I think you'll see what really drew me to them later in the manga. ;)
taking sum with credit :D
thannxx <3.
Thank you very much :)
Hey tharr.
I love the Kobato ones!
I might take one with credit of course <33


<3 the icons! I'm gonna use the Sailor Jupiter one on another website. (I didn't know if the credit only applied to using it on LJ, so I posted this just in case!)