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[madoka] back

mousey_sama in chuucon

47 icons~

Second post omg. 47 icons, all recent works in my "new" style. In other words, I've really learned some great manga coloring techniques, and also some new icon coloring tricks! Basically, I've started making the most of my resources. :3 Variations are included, and there are plenty of 'em!

Please credit mousey_sama if you use any. =)

33; Skip Beat!
05; Super Dimension Fortress Macross
04; Legend of Zelda
02; Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon
02; Tokyo Crazy Paradise
01; Dragon Ball



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how do you credit?
I was going to add this, so now's a great time XD

When you go to upload your new userpic, just add the following to the comments line:

You can credit my journal, or the community. Thanks!
ahhh okay, thank you so much! :D hearts skip beat :D:D:D
I ganked this one because I LIKE IT.
I have no idea who this chick is, but I love the colors and the pose. :D
LOL it's the main character from Skip Beat! (Kyouko) dressed as some kind of angel. I'm not 100% sure myself, since it's from the PS2 dating sim game that I don't have =(
I totally snagged skipbeat 1, 5, & 29!!
Yay! Thanks Smammy <3
Absolutely! It's from the PS2 game, fyi. ^^ http://www.fairy-fountain.net/chuucon/084.jpg

And thank you for your compliments <3 Glad you like!
I actually didn't snag any today but 15, 16...noooo! I just had to comment about that, fellow fans know what I'm talking bout. I like the coloring though.
Those moments are often the best for iconing. XD
I'm particularly in love with Skip Beats icon 5 <3 Many thanks for sharing!
awesome job on the skip-beat icons! Love 21 the most, I totally squealled out loud when I read that part of the manga. ^_^ thank you! I'm snagging this and saving your name, just incase I use it somewhere.
You have a Mio icon! *squeals at #21* Too bad the comm I just apped my Mio to requires real PBs... *saves anyway*
Thanks! I love Mio; she's just so ... icon-able. :D and deliciously evilz

If you don't mind me asking, what's a real PB? XD
A real PB (or Played-by) is when you use pictures of real people to represent characters. In a very weird coincidence, the PB I use for Mio is also named Kyoko...haha. (Kyoko Fukada, if you're wondering. The kanji's different, though.)